Thigazhavizh is a centre with three wings namely Parivarthana Counselling Centre, Dharana Learning Centre and Aaramam Training Centre which works for the enhancement of personal and social wellbeing of an individual.

Current scenario had brought down the human resilience which leads to lot of issues, maladaptations and disruptions in daily life and in turn individuals face crises such as low self esteem, emotional imbalance, stress, low level of life achievement, etc. made human beings to search happiness. Thigazhavizh builds quality of awareness to carve one's own path for both worldly and eternal happiness through Inspiration to translate good thoughts into action.

Mrs.T.Sundaravalli the Founder Director, joined hands with a team of qualified counsellors, Psychotherapists, Subject experts, Special Educators and skilful Trainers for the effective services rendered at Thigazhavizh.