Aaramam Training Centre

Various need based training are conducted for Counsellors, Teachers, School and College Students, Employees of Corporate sectors, Industries ,etc.

Life Skill Training

“Life is not about only finding your Self but Life is about creating your Self -George Bernard Shaw”

Life skills are a set of cognitive, personal and interpersonal skills for high performance in the living space. Aaramam facilitates the individuals to take the right decisions, solve the problem logically, take care of their relationships and cope with the adverse situations. We help to draw out the best from the person which will help them to lead a productive life.

Social Skill Training

Social skills training is a type of psychotherapy that works to help people improve their social behaviours, verbal and non-verbal communication that are effectively used which are governed by culture, beliefs and attitudes.

Aaramam fabricates individuals that they can use these social skills to interact effectively with friends, family, workmates and strangers even.

Enhancing Teaching skills

Teaching is an incredibly rewarding set of skills that good teachers must possess everywhere in schools and college classrooms as well as in the workplace and other settings.

Aaramam augments teaching skills, Attitude and Aptitude of teachers to improve students’ subject knowledge, behaviours and transforms their lives permanently for the better.

Group Dynamics

Aramam extends its service to expand the Group dynamics within any organization, culture, or unit. Group dynamics is very much essential in a group made up of people–people with different ideas, motivations, background, and sometimes different agendas.

Team building / management

Team building is various types of activities are performed collectively to enhance social relations and define roles within teams, often involving collaborative tasks.

Aaramam inculcates the team building skills, provides training and resources that people need, which has to be a continual process and should get embedded into the team and organization’s culture so that they can work in harmony.

Time Management

Aramam guides the persons for better Time Productivity through the process of organizing and planning how much time has to be spent on specific activities. Investing some time for relaxation and for future development is also very much essential.