Dharana Learning Centre

Dharana is an umbrella which covers numerous learning programs which mainly concentrates for enhancing children to enjoy their education by supportive skill training, which also includes assessments if needed.

Assessment of Learning disability

At Dharana Qualified Psychologists assess the difficulties typically associated with conditions like Learning Disabilities, Hyperactivity, ADHD, Inattention and mild forms of Autism. The behaviors of children with problem are altered by creating personalized behavior modifications programs. The Learning Styles of children will also be assessed based on necessity.

Facilitating children with different Learning Disabilities

After assessing the nature and level of the issue, Children with Learning Disabilities are supported with systematic and appropriate remedial techniques to develop LSRW skills through various activities like Spell games, interaction, word ladder, journal writing, etc.

Smart Learning Techniques

Children have to face lot of struggles to compete in this competitive world. Dharana helps them to identify their style and mode of learning and to learn through appropriate smart learning techniques instead of spending more time and energy through traditional ways of learning.

Memory Techniques

Learning new memory techniques can help children to Improve concentration power, recall and revise quickly the important points, long answers and difficult vocabulary from their vast syllabus. Hence Dharana helps learners to enhance their memory power which in turn relieves Exam phobia, Anxiety, Stress and develops Self Confidence & Esteem.

Brain Gym

 Enhancing Learning With Movement – Brain Gym For Kids. Connection between movement and learning is one of the central topic among brain researchers and educators.

Managing Exam preparation, anxiety, fear, etc.

Nervous tension serves to motivate, focus and attention by keeping the mind alert. So it is appropriate to feel some anxiety around exams, as with other important events in life. Dharana deals with the appropriate level of Exam pressure, Fear and Anxiety since all the above mentioned issues if in excess interferes and blocks the ability to prepare for and perform in exams.

Career Guidance

Usually, students and employed professionals have no idea of right career guidance. Everyone wants to be successful but they do not get the right guidance to make right decision at right time. Dharana renders its service to provide Career Guidance and Counselling program to develop an individual’s competencies in self-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration to plan their Career appropriately.

Overcoming Mobile and Internet addiction.

When children and teens spend more than enough time on their electronic gadgets, it can negatively affect their sleeping patterns, energy level, weight, attitude, mental functions and even bodily functions.

They feel that they are left out or disconnected but enjoying in their own world which may even lead to isolation. Dharana works successfully in bringing out the teenagers from addiction and inculcating awareness for using e-gadgets in a productive way.

Parental Counselling

Parenting is a God given gift and is the most challenging responsibility. Dharana provides necessary knowledge, awareness, techniques, guidance and tips for parents to meet all the needs of their children such as food, healthcare, education, entertainment and the very important healthy lifestyle practices. Above all Dharana equips parents to adhere Positive Parenting Style.