Parivarthana Counselling Centre

Every individual in this world at some point of life needs counselling without judgment to realize, react, and to integrate Mind and Soul in the right path of their own. For their gratifying future we offer the following counselling

Individual counselling

Parivarthana provides Individual counselling in a safe, caring, and confidential environment to explore individual’s feelings, beliefs, or behaviors, work through challenging or influential memories, identify aspects of their lives that they would like to change, better understand themselves and others, set personal goals, and work toward desired change.

Adolescent Counselling

Parivarthana is a safe place for teens to explore and exchange their thoughts, feelings and concerns without being judged. We also work closely with schools and youth groups through a variety of Activities of interest.

Premarital Counselling

Parivarthana’s goal of premarital counselling is to identify and address any potential areas of conflict in a relationship early on, before those issues become serious concerns, and teach partners effective strategies for discussing and resolving conflict.

Premarital counselling can help them better understand their expectations about marriage and address any significant differences in a safe and neutral environment.

Couple Counselling

Couple’s relationship has become a source of stress and unhappiness for both partners. Parivarthana builds a romantic relationship and positive beginning among partners and staying together through life’s twists and turns to make life more simple.

Family Enrichment Counselling

When families go through change, it can be difficult to learn to adapt. Counselling can help family members to support one another through these difficult times, to reduce conflict and arguments and grow stronger as a result. Parivarthana can help the whole family to communicate better, and to understand and resolve differences.

Psychological Assessment

Parivarthana provides wide-ranging psychological evaluations for children, adolescents and Adults. Our assessments are tailored to meet the specific needs of each individual to more fully realize their potential by determining their unique cognitive and emotional strengths and weaknesses.


Psychotherapy is a type of therapy used to handle emotional problems and mental health conditions. Therapists at Parivarthana usually involve talking, but sometimes may go for other alternative psychotherapies such as art, music, drama, body movement, etc.

Relaxation Techniques

The Relaxation techniques focus on bringing body – mind connection. Parivarthana aspires to help the individuals to be the best they can be. We focus on programs designed to motivate people to redirect and actualize their lives and become physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually connected.


Meditation is that which gives deep rest. Meditation is an activity in which the practitioner just sits and allows the mind to dissolve. Parivarthana simplifies this activity which can easily be practiced by all.

The participants are facilitated to remain at rest in meditation which is deeper than the deepest sleep that they can ever have.


Hypnotherapy is powerful therapy administered for helping people live a better life. At Parivarthana we handle people with stress, anxiety, phobia, fear, insomnia, anger and other psychological disorders that inhibit us from living a joyous, loving and fulfilling life, a life that all of us deserve.

Art Therapy

Art therapy is a type of psychotherapy that utilizes art and artistic mediums to help people explore their thoughts and emotions in a unique way. Art work is used as a primary means of communication for those who find it difficult to verbalise their feelings.

Parivarthana paves way for free self-expression through painting, drawing, modelling, writing, dancing, etc. used as a remedial or diagnostic activity.

Enhancing Emotional Stability

Parivarthana enhances Emotional stability which is a direct contributor to happiness and living the good life. Clients are saved from the risk of falling into a pattern of jealousy, stress, heartache, and depression.

Interpersonal Skills Development

Counsellors at Parivarthana increases the interpersonal skills which facilitates the person for effective communication, such as Listening, Questioning, understanding Body language, etc. with their family, friends, colleagues, customers or with Society.